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2017-18 Fantasy Premier League Attacker Transfers: Time to Score


A new season of Premier League football is right around the corner, and with it rolls around another Fantasy Premier League campaign.

This summer we have seen a number of high profile attackers sign for outrageous prices. Some of these players are worth the money, while others… well not so much.

Discussing each individual arrival is near impossible, but certain transfers could make or break your upcoming FPL campaign.

2017-18 Fantasy Premier League Attacker Transfers

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Romelu Lukaku, Manchester United, £11.5 Mil

Out of nowhere, Man Utd. recently stole Lukaku from under Chelsea’s nose for a whopping £75,000,000.

Whether you like him or not, he is undoubtedly proven. Over the past five years, only Aguero’s 99 goals top Lukaku’s impressive tally of 85 (Phillips). On top of that, he contributed 35 assists, a very good number for a striker.

Thanks to his mega-money move to United, he should receive some improved service compared to his time at Everton and West Brom. The Belgian is no Luis Suarez, but he is just about a lock for a 20+ goal season and five to ten assists. While his £11.5 price tag might put some off, he looks a solid option up top.

Verdict: Buy

Alexandre Lacazette, Arsenal, £10.5Mil

Arsenal fans rejoice, you finally got him. After a three year chase, Arsene Wenger finally forked over the cash for an elite level goal machine.

That being said, his twenty-eight Ligue 1 strikes last season at Lyon have a huge asterisk: penalties. If you ignore his ten penalties, he is left with a more modest eighteen goals.

Now that he is at a new club, there is no guarantee that he receives this opportunity. Furthermore, Lacazette has only succeeded against Ligue 1 competition, a step below the Prem. When you consider he has endured a rather poor pre-season as well, it does not stack up well for the Frenchman.

I would suggest staying clear of Lacazette when there are plenty of safer options.

Verdict: Avoid

Alvaro Morata, Chelsea, £10.0 Mil

Can Alvaro Morata fire Chelsea to another title? Make what you will of his time under Zidane, but until Diego Costa’s future is decided there is no guarantee of a starting position for Morata.

If Morata does start next year, he definitely has the potential for a solid season. He had one of the best goals to minutes ratios in Europe at Real, but these stats always favor “super-subs” like Morata. He usually only started against weaker Spanish opposition as the “A-team” players rested.

Regardless, Morata had a fantastic season last year in a tough league and playing as the lone striker in Conte’s iconic 3-4-3 could benefit him. I would say Morata is a good option at £10.0, but if you can afford someone more proven like Lukaku or Kane then splash the cash.

Verdict: Buy

Honorable Mentions

Wayne Rooney, Everton, £7.5 Mil

Rooney is clearly not the player he was five years ago, but a move back home to the Toffees could be very beneficial.

He has looked somewhat sharp on preseason and currently has two goals in three games. As the focal point of Everton’s attack, he should be a decent midrange player.

Verdict: Buy on a budget

Jermain Defoe, Bournemouth, £8.0 Mil

Defoe may be a talented footballer, but he is not getting any younger. On an abysmal Sunderland team, he managed fifteen goals, but towards the end of the campaign, he really declined. £8.0 is a little pricey for a player of his quality, especially with so many quality options at the price range.

Verdict: Avoid

If you want to play Fantasy Premier League, the game week 1 deadline is August 11. Stay tuned to fantasysixpack for more Fantasy Premier League advice as well as fantasy baseball and American football articles.

About Benji Elster

Benji is an avid fantasy sports player and football fan in particular. He recently finished in the top 5,000 for the United States during the 2017/18 FPL campaign and hopes to bring his knowledge of the game to you. If you have any FPL related questions, be sure to ask him on Twitter @benjielster

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