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Practice makes perfect, and here at FantasySixPack.net, all our fantasy writers are in pursuit of that excellence in order to help give our readers better advice (and maybe win a few of our own leagues along the way). In case you missed it, the F6P crew also did a PPR mock draft a few weeks ago. You can find a review of that draft here.

We’re going to be using FantasyPros’ Draft Wizard Application to help see how we each did. In addition to being a realistic way to complete mock drafts within minutes, the Draft Wizard also provides you with analysis based on Expert Consensus Rankings. It highlights value picks, steals, reaches, and team strengths and weaknesses.

The participants of this draft are (in order):

2017 Fantasy Football Standard Mock Draft Review

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  1. Alex Hamrick (@AlexBHamrick)
  2. Jonathan Chan (@JChan_811)
  3. Tyler Thompson (@therealwody)
  4. Dennis Sosic
  5. Keenan Keeling (@theleafnode)
  6. Joe Bond (@fantasysixpack)
  7. A.J. Applegarth (@AppleGarthAlgar)
  8. Tyler Gettmann (@RedSox_SF49ers)
  9. Chris Wright (@ChrisWright_F6P)
  10. Richard Savill (@RRSSavill)
  11. Kevin Huo (@KevinH_F6P)
  12. Michael Trivisonno (@Mike_Triv)


Format: QB – RB1 – RB2 – WR1- WR2 – WR3 – TE – FLEX – K – DST – 6 BENCH

2017 Fantasy Football Standard Mock Draft Review

Round 1

2017 Fantasy Football Standard Mock Draft ReviewNo real surprises here.

It is interesting to note how clearly separated the Tier 2 running backs are from the three-headed monster of David Johnson, Le’Veon Bell, and Ezekiel Elliot.

Five wide receivers go in between the RB3, Elliot, and the RB4, LeSean McCoy. Even in a standard format, the safety of these elite receivers isn’t worth passing up.

Todd Gurley at pick 12 is a bit rich for me, but at that draft slot, Michael Trivisonno wasn’t going to have an opportunity to nab him otherwise. We all saw his upside his rookie year, so this pick certainly could pan out.

Round 2

2017 Fantasy Football Standard Mock Draft ReviewAgain, nothing too outlandish in Round 2.

I love the T.Y. Hilton pick by Richard Savill. If Hilton, last year’s yardage leader with a hobbled Andrew Luck, can find a way to score a few more touchdowns, he’ll be a top 5 wide receiver.

Joe Bond and Tyler Thompson both get some good value by taking Jordy Nelson and Dez Bryant seven and eight spots, respectively, after their ECR.

Gone are the days of Gronkowski being selected in round one. He’s still a big-time game changer, but his high injury risk drops him from his once-lofty status.

Round 3

2017 Fantasy Football Standard Mock Draft ReviewOur first Draft Wizard criticism! The FantasyPros client thinks Chris Wright reached for Tyreek Hill, taking him at pick 33, WR17, while ECR has him ranked 59th and WR27.

Sorry Chris, but I’m with Draft Dumbledore on this one. Hill might be in for a big year but he could also be Tavon Austin with a better coach. I would have rather had a handful of the wide receivers taken right after him such as Allen Robinson, Sammy Watkins, Davante Adams, or Terrelle Pryor.

Speaking of Allen Robinson, either he was drafted late here or DeAndre Hopkins early – or a little bit of both. The two put up very similar numbers in very similar circumstance on the exact same number of targets. Both are going into the season with zero questions about their talent, but dozens about their situation.

Round 4

2017 Fantasy Football Standard Mock Draft Review
After the near-unanimous QB1, Aaron Rodgers, came off the board last round, three more were taken this round. If you’re looking to get an elite quarterback, round four might be the latest you can wait.

I was curious to see where Marshawn Lynch would end up drafted. On one hand, he’s a borderline Hall of Famer with little competition running behind an awesome offensive line. On the other hand, he’s a 31-year-old physical running back who is a year removed from playing football who wasn’t that effective in his last year in Seattle.

Either way, I think this is a good spot to take that chance on him.

Round 5

I’m a fan of Jonathan Chan picking C.J. Anderson here at pick 50.  He gets a bit of value since Anderson is ranked 44th on ECR. Anderson has a good 2017 Fantasy Football Standard Mock Draft Reviewchance of becoming a bell-cow back for a run-first, defensive team. He was stellar to start 2016 until he went down with a meniscus tear. His only competition so far is Devontae Booker — who is #bad — and Jamaal Charles who hasn’t even been cleared to practice yet.

As far as Draft Gandalf goes, I actually don’t think any of these three picks are reaches.

Willie Snead has a chance with Brandin Cooks gone to step into a bigger role in an explosive Saints offense. Matt Ryan might take a step back, but he was the league MVP last year. Pretty decent player. Tevin Coleman was already a freak and took additional steps to become more of a beast this off-season. He has value even in a timeshare and gains instant RB1 upside if something happens to Freeman.

Round 6

2017 Fantasy Football Standard Mock Draft Review
Round 6 comes with a nice contrast of experience versus youth.

Draft Harry Potter picks out the steady veterans in Julian Edelman and Larry Fitzgerald (and I’ll throw Brandon Marshall in there too — he’ll catch a ton of balls opposite Odell Beckham Jr) as value picks. Nothing too flashy about them, but they do the job.

In contrast, two young and relatively unproven running backs fell in this round too. Derrick Henry and Mike Gillislee both have been great in a secondary role, but look to claim the spotlight. Henry will have to contend with DeMarco Murray for touches. However, he was so impressive last year, he might have pushed his way into a timeshare. Meanwhile, Gillislee seems to have a lock on last year’s LeGarrette Blount role on the Patriots. If he can replicate that production, he’s more than worth the pick here.

Rounds 7 and 8

2017 Fantasy Football Standard Mock Draft Review

Looking back at this mock draft, I think these two rounds might have been my favorite rounds. There’s just such good value in these rounds, and draft Merlin agrees; assigning the most “value” and “steal” picks within these two rounds.

I like what Keenan Keeling did here, getting Mark Ingram after not taking any running backs in the first six rounds. The Saints brought in big-name competition for Ingram, but Ingram had 1,000 yards on 5.1 YPC last year. He’ll be much better than RB28.

Samaje Perine and Kareem Hunt are two young rookies who continue to climb up draft boards. I touch on them, as well as Jeremy Maclin, in my 10 Late Round Targets piece.

LeGarrette Blount, Pierre Garcon, Frank Gore, and Cameron Meredith will all be forced to contribute since there’s nobody else on their teams who can really do what they do.

Rounds 9 and 10

2017 Fantasy Football Standard Mock Draft Review

This seems like a good time to turn off Draft Voldemort since at this point ranking doesn’t matter as much. It’s more of a matter of player preference. I’m also out of wizard names.

If John Brown is truly healthy, he’s a great selection at pick 100 by Dennis Sosic. Brown has as much upside as any receiver in these late rounds.

The Eagles brought in more firepower this off-season with Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith, but Jeffery is an injury risk and Smith was #notgood in San Francisco (although that may not have been his fault). Matthews and Ertz are proven pass catchers who already have a rapport with Carson Wentz. They might not take as big of a hit to their fantasy value as their ADP suggests.

Kenny Britt is an absolute steal by Alex Hamrick here. Britt put up huge numbers in a worse offense with a worse quarterback than what the Browns will have in 2017.

Rounds 11-13

2017 Fantasy Football Standard Mock Draft Review

Quincy Enunwa is an interesting pick here because while he’s not supremely talented, neither is anybody else on the Jets. Somebody has to catch the ball and it might as well be him.

Judging off this mock draft, if you’re looking to handcuff, you might want to do it before these rounds. Six (or more depending on how you feel about some other guys in this range) running backs who are strictly backups were taken in this range.

Shoutout to Tyler Gettmann for taking the first kicker in the draft. There’s certainly some merit to having the best kicker in the league each week — although in our F6P league, we won’t be having kickers. Read more about the argument for having or removing kickers in your fantasy league here.

Rounds 14-16

2017 Fantasy Football Standard Mock Draft Review2017 Fantasy Football Standard Mock Draft Review

More lottery tickets!

Kevin White is worth the risk here. Cameron Meredith is good, not great and White was a top 10 pick after all. Ted Ginn has a chance to make a splash in New Orleans and I love him as a best ball pick here. Same with Kenny Stills and Robert Woods.

Call me stubborn, but I haven’t given up on Coby Fleener. I think he has a much better year this year. J.J. Nelson and Tyler Lockett are interesting fliers in Rounds 15 and 16 respectively. Both bring a unique vertical element to their offenses.

Interesting Notes

Dennis Sosic is really putting his fate in the hands of rookie running backs. He has four on his roster, including three of his first four picks.

Keenan Keeling was the only expert to go with a clear zero-RB strategy. He drafted four wide receivers, a tight end, and a quarterback before taking his first running back.

Alex Hamrick, who had both mine and FantasyPros’ favorite draft, nailed a late round QB strategy by pairing together Tyrod Taylor and Andy Dalton. I touched on both of them in my quarterback sleepers piece earlier this month.

Tyler Thompson must love watching the NFC East. Seven of his first 8 picks come from the NFC East.

What’s a handcuff? Not a single member of our expert panel drafted two running backs from the same team.

The Redskins lead the way with 8 skill players drafted (Cousins, Reed, Pryor, Doctson, Crowder, Kelley, Perine, and Thompson). The “Showtime” Rams bring up the rear with just two taken (Gurley and Woods).

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