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9 Fantasy Football Articles to Start the Fantasy Football Season


June is ending, July is almost here, so it’s basically football season, right? I mean there are only 70 days, 10 hours, 30 minutes, and 29 seconds, at the time of this writing, remaining until the NFL regular season kicks off, but who’s counting? Sounds like football season to me. For those of you, like me, desperately trying to get their fix of football, the NFL Preseason is only one month away.

Though it may not technically be football season yet, it is most definitely Fantasy Football season. People will be participating in drafts and doing rigorous research over the next two months. If you have started doing research that’s great! You are well ahead of the game. If you haven’t started, no need to worry, you are in the right place. But, don’t procrastinate! If you want to distance yourself from your opposition, you need to put in the work now. So why not start here? We’ve already done the “rigorous” research for you and saved you from endless Google search queries by providing you several links to recommended Fantasy Football articles within our Fantasy Sports Syndicate.

Another useful tool to start off your Fantasy Football season is the FantasyPros Mock Draft Tool. It takes five minutes for you to practice drafting and strategy.

9 Fantasy Football Articles to Start the Fantasy Football Season

Making the Leap: Marcus Mariota’s Time Has Come

By Brad Castronovo from GridironExperts.com 

Did you know that Marcus Mariota was Fantasy Football’s overall QB1 from week 5 through week 12? He struggled with consistency in the rest of the weeks and was hindered by the Titan’s weak receiving core. With the recent addition of Eric Decker, the Titans have continued to greatly improve their offensive weapons surrounding quarterback, Marcus Mariota. Brad talks about Mariota’s 2017 Fantasy Football outlook with the much improved Titan’s offense and why a big season is in line for Mariota.

Top 30 Fantasy Football Rookie Rankings for 2017: The Kids Are Alright

By David Gonos from DavidGonos.com

Which Rookie is the number one overall ranked Fantasy Football Rookie for 2017? David ranks the overall top 30 Rookies for this year. He then analyzes recent and historical trends at every position. These trends have certain Fantasy Football implications that help rank the Rookies and uncover Rookie sleepers at every position.

Veterans Over Rookies In Fantasy Football Redrafts

By Keith Lott from WeTalkFantasySports.com

Rookies can be great assets in Fantasy Football. But, reaching on an unproven Rookie can result in the missing out on safe and high floor veterans in the early rounds. It is not always easy to know what unproven Rookies to pass up for proven Veterans. Keith explores several Rookies and their ADPs and explains why Veteran players with similar ADPs should be considered instead.

 Four Key Players Affected By Team Schemes In 2017 Fantasy Football

By Chris Ventra from RotoExperts.com

Coaching schemes, roster transactions, and game scripts all play an influential role in determining a players role on their respective team. These factors can help determine which players will have consistent Fantasy Football production. Chris details four players and how their teams’ schemes may affect their fantasy production. How will Adrian Peterson perform for the Saints’ pass-heavy offense? Find out here.

Making The Case To Draft Andy Dalton

By Noah Spurlock from WeTalkFantasySports.com

Deploy a late round quarterback drafting strategy? Noah explains why Andy Dalton makes for an excellent value as a late round pick. Dalton has proven he can be a great Fantasy Football quarterback, especially when the weapons around him are healthy. With AJ Green and Tyler Eifert both expected to be healthy, and the additions of Joe Mixon and John Ross, Noah details how Dalton could finish the season as a top-10 Fantasy quarterback.

Tight End Draft Review for PPR and Standard Leagues

By Tyler Belawske from FantasyKnuckleHeads.com

Are Tight Ends being drafted higher than normal this year? Tyler reviews and analyzes several mock drafts, focusing primarily on the tight end position. Find out where tight ends are being drafted and their respective projections here.

 DeVante Parker Fantasy Hype or Hero in 2017?

By Adam Cahill from GridironExperts.com

The third-year is the supposed breakout year for NFL wide receivers. Will DeVante Parker have a breakout season this year? Adam discusses what qualifies for a breakout season, the Miami offense,  and the presence of Jarvis Landry and how these factors affect Parker’s Fantasy Football outlook. Parker is a very talented receiver, but will talent be enough to become a Fantasy Hero? Find out here.

12 Team League Fantasy Football Draft Strategy

By Brendan Cole from FantasyKnuckleHeads.com

Fantasy Football offers a large variety of formats to play in. What size league do you play in? Do you play in a 12 team league? Brendan discusses the strategy and approach for 12 team leagues in 2017. No worries if you don’t play in a 12 team league. Most of the concepts can be translated to other formats.  

12 Experts Take On A Two-QB Fantasy Football Mock Draft

By Jack Delaney from SoCalledFantasyExperts.com

Do you play in a two-QB league? Jack analyzes a 12 team, two-QB, mock draft and does a round by round player and draft analysis. Find out where players are being drafted and see the different approaches taken by different drafters.

2017 NFL Team Previews: Tennessee Titans

By Game Time Decisions from FNTSY.com

In this video, Gabe Morency continues his series of 2017 NFL team previews with the Tennessee Titans.

For more F6P preseason coverage please visit our 2017 Draft Kit section.

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