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How To Make Your Fantasy Football Live Draft Better


You want to make your league the best, memorable, fun, exciting. The question is just how do you do that? One way that we recommended is to run a live draft.

Live drafts are absolutely the best part of the season, well unless you win the championship. I have done many drafts live and they are always a blast. They involve friends, food, beer, trash-talking and more. However, there is one thing that can make your Fantasy Football live draft better than the rest and that is a great draft board.

Don’t be the guy that makes people write their team down on a piece of paper. Not only will you not be able to read anybody’s handwriting, especially after a few drinks, but it just looks cheap. Do it right and order a draft board from 360 Fantasy Football Draft Boards.

How To Make Your Fantasy Football Live Draft Better

Just what makes these the best draft boards available, read on and I will tell you.

The Board

fantasy football live draft

With draft boards, there are more things involved than just the board, but you have to start there. It is where the main focus of the night will be, so it better be good.

Hands down, these boards are top notch. They are made of thick, heavy duty paper that won’t rip easily.

The one I received in the mail is their Backside Beauty design. Besides the obvious first thing I noticed, the other was the great color used during printing.

This board was also very large, sitting at 55 inches. This is nice because it allows for plenty of space for the labels so there is no risk for overlapping them.

The Labels

These labels are fantastic. They are colored by position and the print on them is large and clear. Most draft boards you order will give you this. So what makes them different?

That difference is seen below. Printed on the labels is the player’s bye week, an ever important piece of information that is often forgotten at live drafts. You will also get a ranking of the player by position.

The other thing that makes them stand out is you know exactly how many labels you are getting when ordering. A lot of other sites will say you get 300 labels or all the important players. That is very vague. Take the guess work and risk out of it and order with 360 Fantasy Football Draft Boards.

fantasy football live draft


I was shocked when my board arrived in the mail. I half expected the board to be folded up in some box or large envelope.

Instead, my draft board showed up in a hard shelled cardboard tube. Not only does that protect the board from being ripped or crinkled, it means the board is rolled up so there are no folds. This allows for better presentation of the board at your draft.

Oh, and did I forget to mention shipping is free. That’s right FREE!

Other Features

At this point, you have clearly figured out that I think 360 Fantasy Football Draft Boards are the best draft boards available. However, I want to give you a few more things advantages to using their boards.

  • Customizable boards for the number of teams and rounds.
  • Comes with rankings and draft sheets for each team to keep track of players
  • Many different types of from basic boards to premium to help those on a budget. Quality does not change, just extra features.
  • Receive free beer coasters and a koozie with each order over $50.


I am thrilled to be able to take this board to my live draft this season. When I unveil the sexy board that is the Backside Beauty by 360 Fantasy Football Draft Boards the guys at the draft will be drooling.

These boards are very high quality, packed with lots of features and worth every penny. I will be buying them for every live draft I attend for years to come.

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