The NFL Teams to Watch for Your Fantasy Football Picks


The NFL is rapidly approaching it’s playoffs, which means that fantasy football teams are entering that ground too. In just a few weeks, it becomes winner-takes-all and the form guide can go out the window as a result.

The playoff picture in the NFL is looking very tight and things really can change in the blink of an eye, as shown by the Seattle Seahawks’ victory over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, which saw Pete Carroll’s side rise to the 5th seed in the NFC, overtaking the Falcons and the Panthers.

A number of teams remain in the hunt but the amount battling for a spot in the playoffs is steadily decreasing and this needs to be taken into consideration when making your Fantasy Football picks in the coming weeks, particularly if you’re looking for a boost on the waiver wire or via a trade.

The NFL Teams to Watch for Your Fantasy Football Picks

Who to eye

The aforementioned Seahawks always seem to put together a run of form towards the back-end of the season and it would take a brave man to bet against the Hawks making it into the playoffs, with the possibility still that they could leapfrog division rivals LA Rams in the standings.

The Rams, currently third seeds, are also ones to keep an eye on as the Los Angeles franchise look to seal their position in the postseason for the first time since 2004- where they beat the Seahawks in the wildcard round, then losing to the Falcons in the divisional playoff.

Their lack of postseason experience could be detrimental though and this is where the Seahawks, who have only failed to reach the playoffs once since 2010, have an advantage- but they’re not the only two sides battling against it in the NFC.

The Panthers, the Saints, and the Falcons all have work to do to secure their spot, with the latter dropping out of the picture following a defeat to the Vikings this weekend, whilst Minnesota and the Eagles should be a guaranteed entry.

In the AFC, the Steelers and the Patriots remain strong whilst the Ravens, Jaguars and Titans hold a solid position. That leaves the Chiefs, the Chargers, the Bills and the Raiders battling for the final post, each having a 6-6 record.

Who to avoid

For a lot of teams, the final games of the season are pretty much a dead rubber affair as they have nothing but pride remaining. If you still have someone from the New York Giants on your roster, then this is prime time to give them up.

The Broncos, who still remain in with a very slim chance of making the playoffs but have a 3-9 record that will surely see them dip out in the coming weeks, should also be avoided. Definitely take a look at who they’re up against though, as they’ve given up 35 or more points in three of their last five games.

Playing the schedule like this is the best way to keep ahead in the closing weeks of the regular season in Fantasy Football and can make a huge difference at the end of the year when the line-up for the playoffs in your league is taking shape.

Big games in the coming weeks between fellow playoff hopefuls include the Jaguars against the Seahawks and the Falcons against the Saints, both of which take place in week 14, so keep tabs on potential match winners from those ties.

It’s also worthwhile keeping an eye on how the offenses of sides begin to shift heading into the postseason, as many franchises will look to keep things fresh as they seek to hold an advantage over their rivals. As such, passing sides may try to run more and vice versa.

Finally, it’s crucial that you play the long game at this stage. If someone on your roster is sidelined for a number of weeks, work out when they’ll be back and whether their side is set to make it to the playoffs before you consider roster changes.

As a side point to that, be sure to consider picking up some understudy receivers or running backs if the regular starter will be out with a problem. It may just be a short-term fix but it could ensure that you continue getting points on the board.

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